Making Money With Technology

Exploiting a Niche Market With Technology — Immigration Tracker

July 25, 2008

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Tech-savvy startups have the potential for rapid growth with relatively little investment of capital or labor. Identifying a niche market to focus on rather than a broad “everyone is a prospect” approach and applying that technology to address it can yield serious revenue rewards.

Immigration Tracker software, created by PC Legal Tools, is an example of a niche focused technology startup. Designed by electrical engineer Fred Colman to aid his wife, Julie Pearl, in her work, Immigration Tracker shows how necessity really is the mother of invention.

Julie, an immigration attorney, wanted a way to help her clients track their employees. The crux of the problem: the status of work visas, a very important issue for Julie’s corporate clients. She needed a software program that could track every step of the visa process for every immigrant worker on her clients’ payrolls. An ideal program would allow her corporate clients to track and retrieve workers’ documents, while leaving her in control. Basically, Julie wanted a system that would allow her to manage the entire work visa process.

Fred took up her challenge. Today, after more than five years,Immigration Tracker software has evolved into a full-fledged company offering a variety of software solutions. They count nearly 400 law firms as clients and have shown huge revenue growth.

Fred attributes his company’s success to a genuine need among immigration attorneys to manage their cases, coupled with a lack of pre-existing tools to do it. He was able to join his technological skills with the needs of Julie’s Pearl Law Group to develop a partnership and create a product that serves a highly specialized niche market. His technology-driven enterprise has proved to be very popular among law firms that work in the field of immigration law.