Making Money With Technology

Analysis Projects Help Customers Make Informed Business Decisions

January 11, 2010

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

The Vision
Lextech development projects start with a detailed analysis process. Our goals are to determine a project’s size, estimated cost, and overall viability. At the conclusion of each analysis, we deliver a reliable framework for future implementation that a less technical executive can understand and use to make well-informed business and technical decisions.

The Process
1: We create a visual outline of all people, systems, processes, and actions involved in the product and how they will interact. This step simplifies technical details into an easily digestible diagram.

2: The contents of the pieces outlined in step one are defined. For an iPhone app screen we would define all of the data entry fields and the valid values that users can input.

3: Then we create wireframes or mockups with a focus on user workflow to ensure usability. Reducing the number of steps/clicks between a user and the desired result and making the product easy to use are high priorities.

4: The last step in the analysis process is to create a graphical design consistent with the customer’s branding strategy.

The Results
Customers receive a complete blueprint for their product that empowers them to prioritize features, cost, and scope