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There Should Be an App for That: Indicator 7

March 9, 2011

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

This series of posts is from the e-book, There Should Be an App for That: Top 10 Indicators of Mobile App Opportunities by Alex Bratton.

Indicator 7: Mobile Web Crossing

Take a look at your web site log files. For all the websites your organization already hosts – marketing sites, corporate sites, intranets and extranets – who is using them? Go see how many iPhone, iPad, or other mobile users are already hitting web assets today. The results may surprise you.

Find out what mobile web users are doing on your site. What functionality are they using? What data are they trying to access? You might be able to break out that chunk of mobile functionality or data and deliver it as an app that better addresses the needs of this group. Significant web traffic from mobile devices screams, ‘There should be an app for that!”