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10 Years, 10 Memories to Celebrate

According to the SBA only about 1/3 of businesses make it past the 10 year mark. Today, I’m proud to say Lextech is surging past the 10 year milestone poised for ongoing growth for the next 10 years. I, along with my business partner, Will Scott, and the whole Lextech team are pleased to announce today is our 10th anniversary!!

In honor of this big occasion, please allow me to share 10 Lextech memories that are near and dear to my heart.

1. I started the company in the basement of my family home. We had a server farm set up on telecommunications racks that maxed out with 42 servers connected via a T1 line. Thankfully we had the foresight to expand the power capacity of the basement. I’m very thankful to my wife, Michelle, for believing in my dream and being patient as we took over the house (we moved out after hitting 8 people in the basement). We have since relocated several times, but I always look back on the basement years fondly.

2. One of our first projects was the creation of an online magazine publishing system that writers and editors for a sports site used to manage all of their content, including automated news and graphical feeds in multiple languages. Today, we have Fortune 500 customers from all over the country, in nearly every industry.

3. I wish I had pictures from the time we worked on an access control system for the new construction of Soldier Field. We were all over the building and got to see the guts of the whole structure before it was buttoned up for the public.

Image found here.

4. An interesting military project we tackled entailed creating a control system for a kinetic energy rocket launcher platform. The software controlled the positioning of the launcher and also integrated into a wide area fire control network so remote operators could control the system.

5. In the Spring of 2007, we took over almost the entire 2nd floor of our office building and reconstructed the space to suit our unique technology needs. We installed more than 5 miles of cable and set up shared offices, a Lab and interactive monitors to communicate with our team. We have since converted most of the shared offices to high performance team rooms that have allowed us to double our speed of mobile app development.

6. In July of 2008, we posted this YouTube video of an early version an iPhone app called iRa. It controlled high-end video surveillance equipment and has evolved into what is now known as C3. Due to the product’s success, a second company, Lextech Labs, was formed to focus on taking C3 to market. C3 has won several awards, none of which would be possible without our team’s development efforts.

7. In 2009, a representative from Apple invited me to speak about apps, mobile video surveillance and the iOS platform at a government briefing center in Virginia for dozens of agencies.  Today, I’ve been to the Apple campus in Cupertino and briefing centers around the country more times than I can count and regularly interact with Apple employees to help educate their prospects about mobile app development in the enterprise.

8. We attended our second iOS Dev Camp developer event in 2009 at Yahoo’s HQ. We provided the video infrastructure to stream real time video of the event around the world to remote users. We rigged up the infrastructure using Apple’s fledgling HTTP real time video streaming protocol before any tools were actually available and hit a peak of 1,000 iPhone users tuning in.

Image found here.

9. Last year in April, Will Scott joined our team as Managing Director. His efforts have allowed me to step back from most of the day-to-day operations and focus on my passion for educating and evangelizing the effective use of mobile apps in the enterprise. His practical nature works very well with my entrepreneurial spirit and I couldn’t ask for a better business partner.

10. Receiving a call from Apple right in the middle of traveling to present an educational session was a big highlight. They were calling about featuring an app we had developed in the Apple retail stores. That immediately triggered a flurry of activity to respond to the offer of “if you can make these tweaks in the next 36 hours we’d like to include it”. The team came together very smoothly to execute on the changes literally overnight and get materials submitted.

These 10 years have really flown by and I deeply appreciate the work of the team members who have helped get us to where we are today. Here’s to you and to 10 more amazing years.

Alex Bratton

CEO & Chief Geek, Lextech Global Services

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Ed Crotty —

Congratulations! Here’s to 10 more, and 10 more after that!

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Joan —

Kudos to you and the gang. Great creativity and enthusiasm.

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Karin O'Connor

Congratulations, Alex,and thanks so much for sharing these terrific memories! I remember hearing about many of them “in real time”–hard to believe it was that long ago.

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Clay Garner

Congratulations, Alex. It’s really been wonderful watching you and your team progress through every success and every obstacle.

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Alex Bratton

Thank you all for the encouragement and enthusiasm. It’s been an amazing journey that’s just getting started.

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