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Case Study: PayFlex, Hassle-Free Health Insurance Apps

June 30, 2011

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk


PayFlex is a national Third Party Administrator providing Spending and Saving Account Administration, Wellness & Engagement Solutions, Commuter Benefits, COBRA and Direct Billing Services to more than 3500 clients and over a million individuals.


PayFlex can only process claims as quickly as subscribers can submit them. Often this process requires mailing in a physical receipt, a task subscribers find to be cumbersome and difficult to remember once they leave the service provider’s office. PayFlex had an existing web system, HealthHub™, but wanted users to have the ability to easily submit receipts and look up information from anywhere.


Lextech engineers developed HealthHub™ mobile applications for the Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. Each application allows PayFlex clients to submit a claim securely by using the device’s camera to capture an image of their receipt. This process is easy, fast and increases claim submission compliance by allowing users to complete the transaction before leaving the service provider’s office.

App users can also look up expenses, like acupuncture or over the counter medicines, to see if they are covered, and review general policy information, like coverage amounts – all without calling a service representative or navigating to a website.

Security and information privacy were also a high priority in creating these apps, so data is not stored locally on the device to protect users in the event of a lost or stolen phone.

Client Feedback

“The app was on time, on budget, looked beautiful and worked perfectly.”

Tony Dillon
Executive Vice President & CTO of PayFlex