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We’ll be at the Ji-V Hackathon. Will you?

June 24, 2011

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Tomorrow, Lextech CEO, Alex Bratton, and a few members of the Lextech team will attend the Ji-V Hackathon & Workshop Series II. Three Lextech systems engineers will participate in the hackathon and Alex will sit on the 10:00AM panel covering the topics below.

  • iOS, Android, Adobe, Unit Testing, UI/UX, HTML5, Web vs. Mobile, RFID, NFC and more!

About the event, according to the event website:

Event Mission: To create an environment for developers, designers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, that promotes fun competition, education, innovation and opportunity for everyone.

The Ji-V Hackathon is a one day hackathon and workshop series that will be held on a quarterly basis in 2011. The purpose of the event is for all participants, sponsors and attendees to benefit from the experience.

Developers and Designers will form teams of 6 people or less and compete in building an application prototype. Each team must have at least one student developer or beginner to qualify.

One local startup company will set criteria for an application based on the needs of their business. The criteria will be announced at the event to guarantee a fair competition.

Judging will be set upon this criteria as well as how much of the prototype has been developed.
Register for the event. (Only 21 tickets left as of 10AM today, so act fast if you’re interested!)

Hope to see you there!