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iOSDevCamp – Day 3

July 19, 2011

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

We met at 6:30AM in the hotel lobby to get some extra time to finish up our app. A few of the guys arrived even earlier and were already diving back into the app’s code while waiting for everyone else. After the whole team arrived, we walked over to Denny’s. While on the way, David introduced us to the newest member of our team.

Maybe we could use a little more sleep…

At 6:45AM, we ate at Denny’s for breakfast and then worked on our app while waiting for the event to start back up at 9AM.

The development team made some big strides on the app after breakfast, and with the remote help of our UI designer, Nelson, the graphics were coming together, too.

We spent most of the first part of the day working on our app, but took a few short breaks to help some other developers integrate Demo2.Me into their apps for the hackathon that afternoon.

Around 12:30PM, we finished up our app and moved to a quiet spot upstairs to talk through our script for the hackathon demo. Let’s just say putting together the script involved watching part of Back to The Future and brushing up on our acting skills.

While we were wrapping up our demo script, we were summoned outside for the annual group photo. We are in the front left, just a couple rows back.

After the photo, we grabbed some lunch. Burgers and corn were served outside and the weather was beautiful, a comfortable 74 degrees compared to the high 90’s the rest of our team was experiencing back in Chicago. Shortly after lunch, the app demos started. We saw some really cool apps and can’t wait until some of them are released!

Check out the fun our Tech Lead, David, was having with our app using Demo2.Me during the other app demos. (He was doodling on live video.)

Then it was time for us to share our app with the rest of the attendees.

You can watch our demo here.

When the demos were complete, we networked with other developers while waiting for the awards to be announced. When the judges came back, we were so excited to learn we won “Best Demo” for our app 4sight!!

After a quick video interview

and a few photo ops,

we walked back to the hotel,

and enjoyed a celebratory dinner at the steakhouse in our hotel.

Here’s to another successful trip to iOSDevCamp! Looking forward to next year.