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Ultimate Home Office & Lab Setup

First off, I admit it — I’m a monitor hog.  You can never have enough screen real-estate and I like to have consistent locations for everything I’m working on from the calendar & CRM to open coding projects & documents.

I’ve been planning a new home office for about a year and now the final pieces are coming together. I had to wait to finish off this part of the basement until the mountain of boxes in the ‘storage area’ could disappear.

The first step was getting the new space built out. The key requirement was having enough power and hard wired ethernet to support all the equipment so we mapped all those out early. I’m also fortunate that our basement has 10′ ceilings so the office wasn’t going to feel squished.

Next came the long search for a high tech, functional desk.  I decided on the Argosy Aura 520 as the core of the office. As studio furniture it was quite the beast to put together (not complicated, just lots of parts).

Desk construction:


And then time to start getting the equipment into place. The setup consists of a Mac Pro with dual ATI Radeon HD 5770’s with the key element being dual display link connections and a DVI connection on each card powering the 6 monitors. Four of the screens are Apple 27″ Cinema displays on a 2×2 display mount and 2 are Samsung 27″ 1080p monitors.

The desk has a number of shelves below the desk surface making it the perfect place for a NAS or other gear.

The other part of the office I’m really glad to have included is a spot for an electronics work bench. We designed the walls in this section to just fit this bench and boy was it closing moving it in (1/4″ tolerance on each side but it fits perfectly).

I’m really happy with the way the space worked out and having the important elements close at hand. I really recommend paying attention to the power/networking going into the walls early. Another trick was using masking tape to mark out the exact size of everything going into the room before construction began to make sure it would not only fit but be usable where it was going.

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johan —

hi Alex, could you give me the link where you bought the mount for the 4 apple display? thanks

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That desk is amazing. Looks like the perfect desk for me, but $3600+ is way out of my price range!

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