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February 15, 2013

  • Felipe Laso Marsetti
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Today, I want to share resources for learning iOS. Don’t worry about your level of experience, I’m sure you’ll find something useful here.

  • Lextech BlogIf you’ve made it to this page then chances are you’ve already seen some of our articles, tips and tutorials. If not then please go ahead and look around. Our team often shares useful insight not just related to development but also marketing and the mobile landscape in general.
  • Ray WenderlichIf you wanna learn about Objective-C, iOS, Unity 3D, Arduino, cocos2D, Physics, Game Dev, Mobile Marketing and more, then you must check out Ray’s website. With hundreds of articles and tutorials available there’s tons to learn. Did I mention it’s all free?
  • Code SchoolCode school is a fantastic place to learn not just iOS but web development as well. They have interactive lessons that allow you to test your knowledge immediately after you watch a tutorial. Their courses cover topics like Node.JS, Backbone.JS, CoffeeScript, iOS, Rails, CSS, HTML5 and more! They have a few free courses and a monthly membership costs very little. The cool thing about their iOS course is that you don’t need a Mac running OS X in order to test your programs and run them, it’s all available via a web browser!
  • Team Tree HouseTeam Tree House, like Code School, let’s you learn and practice all within your browser. They have a ton of content for Web and iOS development and it’s continuously growing, definitely worth a look.
  • LyndaThis is another subscription based website, but it’s HUGE! There’s tons of videos and courses on iOS development, but your monthly membership will also get you pretty much content for every tool and topic you can imagine. From After Effects to PHP, Servers, Networking, Art, and more! Do check out Lynda if not for their iOS content, but for everything else they have to offer.
  • Pragmatic ProgrammersIf you haven’t heard of these guys, go now! They publish one of the most coveted books in the programming world, The Pragmatic Programmer. They also have books on iCloud, Core Data, iOS Development, Rails, web development and more! Most (if not all) of their books are available in eBook and physical format. The authors of the books are some of the most talented people you will see and the quality is the best there is. Check them out for a good reference on iOS or other topics.
  • Stack OverflowOften times you’ll find yourself in need of answers to a specific question or topic. For that I recommend Stack Overflow. You’re most likely going to find an answer to your problem here or will be able to leave a question should no answers be available.
  • 3DBuzz: A hybrid between Lynda and Ray Wenderlich. You have courses available for purchase as individual items, monthly membership or free content. The variety and quality of training available is huge (They walk you through making an entire 3rd person game in Unity3D all for free!). You can learn a lot here and not jus related to iOS but also to game engines, 3D applications and more. There’s also a fantastic community of members willing to help and ready to interact with.

These are some of my favorite, most visited resources for learning iOS and tech-related topics in general. Feel free to leave us your comments with the resources you like the best as well as your own suggestions.

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There are two pretty big resources that I feel should be added:

• Stanford Online Learning Course – The Apple approved way to learn iOS application development, provided completely free through iTunes U

• The Big Nerd Ranch – Rated as the number one source for personal training, as well as books to learn iOS, from complete beginner to advanced.

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