Billion Dollar Apps

Here Come The Cr-apps!

March 29, 2013

  • Alex Bratton
A vast majority of apps in mobile stores just shouldn’t exist. They consist of ‘me too’, lackluster apps that don’t provide any real value to the user but have catchy descriptions to trick users into installing them. With the low barrier to entry, garage developers have chased the app gold rush since the beginning and very few have been successful. That’s exactly what happens when you don’t build worthwhile products and market them to an audience that needs them.

This blog post highlights the ability for anyone to create an app in 7 minutes. Just what we all need — more garbage apps that are just repackaged twitter clients with some content pushed to them from a poor web site. They create an app that is all about the company creating it (it might as well say ‘look at me!’) and not about providing value and a reason to download it. Repackaging web sites or blogs as mobile apps completely misses the point of mobile. What is your end user trying to do? What are the very simple steps that help them accomplish that goal?

This is the equivalent of the flaming logos and blinking text of the early days of the web. I really hope that these cr-apps disappear as quickly as they emerged so the rest of us can get back to focusing on apps that drive real value for our users.