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Lextech employees join NIU’s comp sci faculty teaching mobile development

November 5, 2014

  • Jessica Smith

The Department of Computer Science faculty is expanding at Northern Illinois University: Lextech Global Services’ CEO, Alex Bratton, along with team members Kevin Healy, Felipe Laso Marsetti, and Cyril Wochok, have officially been appointed as adjunct professors for the 2014-2015 academic school year.

Ranked as the ninth top computer engineering school in Illinois (and within the top 200 nationwide), Northern Illinois teamed with the Lisle-based tech company to develop Mobile Device Programming, a series of courses focused on teaching the necessary skills needed for this growing area of interest in computer programming. The addition of Lextech team members to the faculty is a welcome next phase in their partnership with NIU.

“I was involved with the development of NIU’s five course mobile program,” explained Laso Marsetti. “Lextech met with three professors to decide what topics should be presented and were most important for a student to learn in order to to successfully make a career out of mobile development for the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Now, I am looking forward to this new opportunity with the university. It feels great to give back to the community by educating others with real-world knowledge.”

With an impressive computer science curriculum already established, Bratton and the others are excited to work alongside NIU’s renowned teaching staff to empower future developers with a command on subject matter they know all too well. While Bratton is a tech aficionado and entrepreneurial leader, Healy and Laso Marsetti support his vision with their extensive background as systems engineers.

Furthermore, Wochok, senior UX/UI designer, is able to provide significant guidance for this discipline, “Projects are structured to mirror the same UX processes and best practices that Lextech uses with our clients.”

The program – offered as both an undergraduate and graduate certificate – delivers practical, hands-on lessons allowing students to feel more prepared and at an advantage when entering the highly competitive mobile development workforce.

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