Lextech to sponsor Ray Wenderlich tutorial conference

January 7, 2015

  • Jessica Smith

Ray Wenderlich, whose tutorial site (featuring, among many talented developers, Lextech engineers Dani and Felipe) is very popular among iOS developers, is hosting his first conference, RWDevCon.

Lextech is proud to sponsor the upcoming tutorial conference for developers. RWDevCon, brought to you by the team and the 360iDev folks, will be February 6th – 7th, 2015 at the Liaison Capital Hill Hotel in Washington, D.C.. There’s a strong interactive focus to the event, so numbers are smaller than most conferences (less than 200 in this case). The event is also non-profit, so all funds go towards making it a focused and fun event for attendees. The two day event features three tracks and more than 20 speakers. Although the event quickly sold out, they are accepting submissions to their waitlist.

Look out for Lextech in the vendor area and in the crowd. We’ll see you there! (For those that can’t come, but want to follow the event, follow RWDevCon on Twitter and Lextech’s Chad Lilly.)