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New Opportunity: Mobile Consulting Engineer

August 15, 2016

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Lextech is looking for a Mobile Consulting Engineer.

Here’s a look into the future, 30 days from now after you’ve joined our team…

Dear Mobile Consulting Engineer,

We’re so excited you’re part of our team!! This is a brand new role at Lextech, so we appreciate your focus on building repeatable processes and flexibility as we figure out together what works well and what doesn’t.

You’ve only been here for a month, but already you’re everyone’s hero, transitioning between teams and departments as you’re summoned on the special red phone. (Just kidding about the phone, but keep a lookout for the cell phone bill reimbursement on your paycheck.)

No two days have been alike and you find this exhilarating. Your manager describes you as the perfect blend of sales engineer and tech genius. He’s really impressed with how efficiently you’ve been:

  1. Working with prospects and clients to gather and understand business/technical requirements for their app development projects,
  2. Helping the business development team close opportunities by providing timely development estimates tailored to each customer’s unique needs, and
  3. Diving into app development project teams as needed to serve as the app architecture subject matter expert and getting hands-on by writing some code, too.

We know you’re talented enough to work anywhere, so we’re grateful you chose to join the Lextech team by sending your resume and a paragraph of what you can imagine yourself doing here at day 30 to Together, we will create boldly to help our customers achieve app-driven business transformation.

Warm regards,

Alex Bratton (CEO & Chief Geek) + The Lextech Team

PS –

About Lextech:
Lextech is a strategy-first app design and development firm, with employees who are passionate about helping businesses succeed with mobile. Whether the focus is a company’s customers or employees, we aim to improve people’s lives by crafting delightful mobile experiences that improve business processes. For more info, visit