We Are Not Just An App Development Firm.

We solve business problems using technology and we happen to build apps to do that.

But what makes us unique is that we solve very hard engineering and integration problems.

What Makes Us Different?

Lextech helps companies reinvent workflows and generate huge efficiencies in their processes.

We use mobile technology to do that.

Results. Guaranteed.

We are the only company to guarantee 100% Return on App (ROA).

Our clients achieve dramatic results like:

300% increase in sales

12 hour process reduced to 4 hours

280% return on investment in 5 months

Cut sales process from 4 hours to 45 min

Recovered $1 million of lost revenue from pricing errors per week

We want you to be successful
with mobile

Whether we’re building it for you or we’re helping your team learn how to build it themselves, by partnering with us, you are charting a path to mobile success.

We are focused on your success with mobile.


Your mobile development projects don’t matter if they’re not improving people’s lives. We care about your people, and we’re passionate about making your team thrive. That’s why we put a human icon in the middle of our logo. People are the center of all we do.

Core Values

  • Clients come first.
  • Work as a team.
  • Grow.
  • Exude passion & energy.
  • Deliver success.

We are only successful because our team lives by our core values. Because we’re creative and nerdy, we created these core values characters. We live these values, and every Thursday when we gather for our company wide Town Hall, we give shout outs of gratitude and our core values to teammates who’ve demonstrated the core values that week.

It’s not uncommon to hear people write and say things like, “there is no better manager in the world than mine” and “invaluable team member” and “humbled and grateful” and talk about being challenged and supported.

Our Leadership

  • Alex Bratton
  • CEO & Chief Geek
  • Together with Will, Alex sets Lextech's strategic vision. When he isn't working on his latest book or serving as an expert source for the media, Alex speaks worldwide about enterprise apps.
  • Will Scott
  • President & Integrator
  • Together with Alex, Will sets the organization's long-term strategic direction. He oversees daily operations in every area of the business and serves as the culture czar.
  • Yana Carstens
  • Principal Experience Designer
  • Yana leads Lextech’s app design team, delivering high quality user experiences that “wow’ clients. She is also responsible for the app ideation process.
  • Jerald Dawson
  • Engineering Manager
  • Jerald oversees all software development projects and engineering resources. He is responsible for designing and implementing the Lextech agile software development methodology.
  • Sharleen Hill
  • Application Delivery Manager
  • Sharleen manages the Quality Assurance and Product Owner teams. She is responsible for app quality and support, and serves as a process advocate for Lextech’s agile methodology.
  • Chad Lilly
  • Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Chad helps Lextech build awesome teams by recruiting top talent. He also attends technology events around the country to meet the best and brightest techies.
  • John McGill
  • VP, Business Development
  • John develops and implements Lextech’s business development strategy. He also manages the sales team and strategic partnerships to deliver profitable growth.
  • Erika Noble
  • Director of Finance
  • Erika manages Lextech’s finances, accounting processes, and the accounting team. She is also responsible for employee benefits and all human resources functions.
  • Aric Roush
  • Program Manager
  • Aric is responsible for Lextech’s client project management program and agile scrum masters. He also oversees the internal IT support team, systems, and processes.
  • Adrienne Szewczyk
  • Director of Marketing
  • Adrienne creates Lextech’s marketing strategy and leads the marketing team in its implementation. She is responsible for branding, internal and external communication, social media, and PR.

Business Development

  • Scott Watson
  • Account Executive
  • Scott works closely with Lextech’s channel partners to develop new client relationships, in addition to managing existing accounts. He is also the co-founder of Chicago’s Mobile on Tap meetup.
  • Dean Moore
  • Mobile Strategist
  • As a former developer, Dean brings a unique perspective to the sales process, uncovering new ways to improve client processes with technology. He is responsible for managing existing accounts and developing new client relationships.

Join Our Team

We want the best people. Period. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we set the bar high and want resilient problem solvers and generous team members. We love originality and spunk, but there’s no room for mavericks or glory hogs.

We value difference on our teams and respect your background, wherever you’re from and whether you’ve got a Ph.D. or your skills are all self taught.

Why you’ll love it

Lextech has the right amount of shenanigans. Whether it’s T Shirt Tuesday, Beer Thirty, frisbee, pick up basketball, team lunches, manager lunches with the team (asking bosses the hard questions), Hackathons (prizes), weight loss challenges (more prizes), you’ll enjoy being here but will do impressive work, too.

Why you’ll stay

We get the best clients and the best projects and have cool tools. Just as important, your voice will be heard.

We want you to do your best and be your best, so we offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Excellent health, dental, and vision coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage (short term and long term)
  • 401K plan
  • Education allowance
  • Matching gift (time and donations) program for charities
  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Free gym membership/ reimbursement

Check out our open positions.


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What our clients are saying

“This app gives our sales reps targeted collateral at their fingertips. By building an app on a device they already carry consistently (the iPad) our sales reps can sell from anywhere! I’m excited to watch this app boost our sales and help us achieve our business goals.”

Robert Ludwig, Chief Information Officer at Shorr Packaging Corp

“The app was on time, on budget, looked beautiful and worked perfectly.”

Tony Dillon, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for PayFlex

“The app has been very well received within our organization. It has the ʻwowʼ factor. In working with Lextech, we didn’t just get a great app. We got a partner to help educate our team about the mobile app design and development process.”

Bob Vonderheide, Manager of Web Development at CommScope

“When we announced this app and demonstrated it at our annual conference, the consultants cheered wildly. I have no doubt this mobile app from Lextech will help us achieve our strategic business goals, and it’s just the beginning of what we’ll do with mobile.”

Mark Ricard, Director of E-Commerce at The Pampered Chef