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Don’t Let Subpar Vendors Hold Your Website Hostage

May 14, 2008

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Office Express President, Bill Raspe’s e-commerce website experienced 3 to 4 days of downtime per month. Maintaining, updating, and adding new features to the website was incredibly difficult and often impossible because the vendor gave Bill limited access to the back end of his system.

He wanted to change vendors and upgrade the system, but because a large portion of an e-commerce company’s business is generated through internet searches, the old website URLs had to remain live to maintain search engine rankings once the new site went up. The success of his business hinged on a smooth upgrade.

What did Lextech do?

Lextech’s systems engineers started by converting the old Microsoft ASP website on a shared server to open source technologies on a dedicated (private and secure) server, which was more cost effective. Project engineers even trained Office Express personnel in the PHP programming language, so they could make changes and updates to the site whenever they wanted. Lextech engineers also followed a very structured plan to link the old website back to the new one and test each link in various search engines. The search engine rankings remained intact.

What is the big deal?

Limited access, excessive downtime, and costly licensing fees are unacceptable barriers to growth. Office Express said sayonara to their crappy vendor, and welcomed Lextech’s cooperative methodology. Since the upgrade,’s conversion ratio has improved by 60%.