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iPhone App Developed by Lextech Featured on Good Morning America

July 31, 2009

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Good Morning America walked through a demo of iLOCi2 friendly locator in their segment, “Keep Track of Your Kids This Summer.”

Engineered by the Lextech team for GTX Corp, iLOCi2 shows you exactly where a friend, co-worker or loved one is, fast and easy. With the push of a button, iLOCi2 populates your iPhone’s built-in Google Maps with the locations of people in your private “opt-in” buddy list, as soon as they approve your request. It’s an interactive friend-finder, party-starter, child-locator, social networker and much more — a must-have, “Where are you?” “I’m here!” visual locating app.

Watch the segment: http://bit.ly/4vXzvR (It starts with about -0:40 seconds to go, after the advertisement.)

The segment host, Annie Pieshette-Murphy refers to the product as, “…something I think I’m going to use for all my family who have iPhones.”

They mistakenly refer to the product as “Locimobile” so if you are looking for it in app store, please search for iLOCi2 or follow this link to the app store directly.

Read the GMA write up: http://bit.ly/hL4JL