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2.2% of all Phones Sold in the World Were iPhones in Q3

November 17, 2009

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Gartner research has posted numbers covering Q3 world wide mobile phone sales. Crunching those numbers results in some very interesting data points:

  • Smart phones make up 13% of all mobile phones sold (41 million of 308 million phones) up from 11.8% in 2008 for the same quarter. The total volume of phones sold was flat (308 million). The important thing to note here is users are converting to smart phones.

  • iPhone sales grew 50% over 2008.
  • Blackberry sales grew 45% over 2008.
  • Nokia sales grew by 4% over 2008.

  • 2.2% of all phones sold in the world were Apple iPhones (7 million of 308 million phones).
  • 2.75% of all phones sold were RIM Blackberries.
  • 5.1% of all phones sold were Nokia smartphones.

*Numbers may not add up to 100, some have been rounded.

Original Gartner article