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LoadOut iPhone App to Launch Startup and Help Farmers

November 5, 2009

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

The Vision
A farm may be one of the last places you expect to see an iPhone, but this project is sure to shake that perspective. President of LoadOut Technologies, Neil Mylet, turned to Lextech for help creating an iPhone app prototype to control the grain loading process.

The Product
Traditionally, grain loading is done manually by the truck driver. It requires the driver to get out of the truck and be exposed to the elements, dust from the grain, and in some cases dangerous mechanical equipment. The Lextech team engineered an iPhone app that allows the driver to view a camera positioned above the grain loader from his iPhone while in the truck. He then pushes a single button to begin the loading process and another to stop it. In addition to streamlining the loading process, the app is expected to increase driver safety.

The Revenue
Our team delivered a successful prototype that LoadOut can use to gauge market interest and conduct thorough tests before investing in a more robust version of the app. The final product is expected to have applications not only in the farming community, but in many commodity (coal, mulch, etc.) transportation environments as well.