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Looking for Serious iPhone & Web Developers

January 4, 2010

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Lextech is growing and we’re looking to expand our team. If you’re in the Chicago area, are looking to be a part of a team changing the way people use technology and fit the criteria below — drop us a line. Where else do you get to work on things like a rocket launcher control system, build a harbor video surveillance system, create the most elegant and advanced iPhone app available or link mobile phones to GIS tracking systems?


  • Think, design and then build (frequently used brain a must)
  • Quickly learn new technologies (languages, operating systems, tools) and be productive with them
  • Understand a customer’s requirements and big picture view of the system to be developed
  • Develop quality software in multiple programming languages
  • Quickly identify and track down system bugs

iPhone Skills (must have)

  • Objective C & iPhone development
  • GUI layout
  • Network connectivity (HTTP, raw sockets or otherwise) – The apps we build don’t just live on the iPhone but reach out to other systems and hardware.

Other Software Skills (must have at least 1)

  • Java (Java web stack OR Java Swing on the client side)
  • PHP or C++ (web development)
  • MySQL, SQLServer or other SQL database
Systems Skills (great to have)
  • Linux/Unix/Mac OS X/Windows – install, configure & make the server dance
  • Troubleshoot network issues affecting software systems
  • Scale a system from one server to hundreds
  • Ethical hacking certification

If you’d like to be a part of our team and are based in the Chicago Illinois area (no telecommuting please), send your resume and include links to any iPhone applications you have developed that we can take a look at to careers@lextech.com.