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Mobile Startup Entrepreneurs’ Panel at University of Chicago Provides Guidance to Business and Tech Students

May 25, 2011

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Panelists chatting before the event.


“I’m a business student. Where do I find a technical partner to validate and code my app idea?”

“How do you decide where to draw the line between adding more features and saving new features for the next version of your product to increase speed-to-market?”

These are just a couple of the thoughtful questions posed by University of Chicago students at the Mobile Startup Entrepreneurs’ Panel last night. Technical students from the Association for Computing Machinery and business students from the Chicago Booth Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Group came together to pick the brains of successful mobile entrepreneurs from the Chicago area.


Panelists included:

Event organizers introducing the expert panelists.

Some key lessons the panelists shared are below.

“The App Store is a distribution channel, not a marketing tool.” – Alex Bratton

“Consumers and end users know the difference between a native and web app and the advantages of native apps.” – Phillip Leslie

“If you are not a usability expert, find one.” – Alex Bratton

“Games have been commoditized. Users play it for two weeks and if game makers don’t continue to engage users with new content and features, they drop it.” – Josh Hernandez

“Time your app release well. I reserved my idea for ShelfLuv for a hackathon because I knew there would be PR opportunities.” – Pek Pongpaet

Alex shares how Junior Achievement helped set a firm foundation for his entrepreneurial success.

Attendees took advantage of Q&A time with the expert panelists after the event.