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Cofounders, Hiring and Firing: The Most Important Decisions You Will Make for Your Business

November 29, 2011

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Tonight Alex Bratton and two other local entrepreneurs, Patricia Riskind and Stephen Meade, will present tried and true advice on cofounders, hiring and firing to the latest group of aspiring entrepreneurs at the Founder Institute. Bratton and his fellow presenters will answer the questions below, and many more.

  • What talent do you need in the beginning to be successful?
  • How do you recruit the first team members with extremely limited resources?
  • How do you conduct a thorough interviewing process?
  • How do you compensate?
  • How do you set expectations, measure results and remove or fire under-performing resources?
  • Do you need a cofounder?
  • Do you need to have engineering in-house?

Event details:
Much Shelist, 191 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1800, Chicago