Mobile in the Enterprise

Chop Your Training Efforts in Half with Mobile Apps

January 30, 2013

  • Aric Roush

A common problem that many enterprises face is on-boarding and the continuing education of employees.  The training coordinator has to herd all the  folks into a training room and provide pens, paper, notebooks, course materials, employee handbooks, users manuals, technical diagrams, product brochures, process guidebooks; and that is just the first hour of the first day!  Then, the trainer has a full day of lecturing, leading through examples, role playing, and providing guidance as the “student” tries to forge her way through the materials.  If you have ever had to be “the trainer” you are cringing right now!

How can mobile make it easier? 

With proper implementation of multimedia presentations, a boring training seminar can be brought to life with animations, interactive displays and bright attention grabbing (and holding) displays. Rather than going through a powerpoint on an overhead projector about your company’s 3rd quarter earnings, develop an application that can reach into the back-end database and pull out the most recent earnings and tell a compelling story of growth, profit, and gains in near real time on an animated and interactive display in the hands of the student.

Having a really snazzy, interactive training program isn’t enough. With the challenge of having to provide leadership to the “millennial” generation (those born between 1980-ish and 2000); providing a stimulating and interactive training solution is imperative.  Gone are the days of a 1/2 day seminar with handouts and folders. The student needs to be able to see how they are progressing in their training. Your training app could include games or quizzes that highlight the important concepts that need to be known. Imagine a multi-player game where trainees are competing in a virtual world where they need to properly identify specific parts for a piece of manufacturing equipment. It is not a stretch of imagination to take that to a company level where a leader board of the top learners show off their expertise.

Many industries have a large collection of videos that are used for training. Learning a new product in the retail sector can be made simple by publishing the video to the user’s tablet. Instantly, your employees now have access to the latest information. Perhaps just as important is the fact that your trainees could have access to older videos.

Your app could be used to track progress on viewing each of the videos or training programs. As new training content is developed; the administrator could push out updates more regularly. You will be able to see that your team have completed the necessary training. Your administrator could send out reminders to the people who have not yet completed various training programs; and keep an audit log of their progress and completion of various exams.

Mobile can bring a new level of interaction with your employees. You can provide updates to the material as they are produced and as they are important to you and your business. You can send notifications and create cooperative learning sessions; where multiple employees can learn together on a virtual whiteboard and ask questions and get answers together.

Finally, mobile can make it easier by making it MOBILE. No need to sit in a classroom for hours at a time.  Putting the tools in your employees’ hands will create an environment of constant learning.  The trainee can learn at her own pace, in her own environment where she is most likely to really learn what is important to you and your company.