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Bringing Our Core Values to Life: Part 3

May 6, 2013

  • Lextech Admin

Making Our Values Memorable

Having established our values in a descriptive enough way that it was clear what they meant, we wanted to make them easily accessible to everyone and front-of-mind in everything we did.

We embarked on a mission to make them more fun and more memorable, so we could easily refer to them. To us, this meant we would have to convey the values in less words, make them more catchy and perhaps use imagery. A small group of us studied the page of 389 words (see Part 2) for the few key words that really mattered and succinctly carried the right meaning. We were pleased with the short, sweet and memorable 14 word summary that we came up with:

  • Clients come first
  • Exude passion and energy
  • Deliver success
  • Work as a team
  • Grow

Of course, being sci-fi geeks and wanting to make it fun, we presented them Yoda-style:

  • First come, clients must
  • Passion and energy, exude
  • Success deliver, you will
  • As a team, work
  • Grow

Next, we brainstormed some ideas for developing our own unique characters around each of the values and challenged our Dream (design) Team to lead our next weekly Pictionary event with some concepts.


As a team, we play Pictionary at beer-thirty (4:30PM to the rest of the world) on Fridays and this was a creative way to feed core value development. We were lucky to have our own artist, Dao Yang (pictured at white board) to take the concepts forward.

Shown here are his initial designs for who we now know as Captain Client and Grow’n representing our values of placing clients first and continuous growth. He actually sketched these using the iPad app called Paper.

Core Values Sketches