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Lextech CEO Alex Bratton Talks About How to Approach Mobile App Initiatives on Sramana Mitra’s One Million by One Million Blog

July 16, 2013

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

This week Lextech CEO Alex Bratton was interviewed for Sramana Mitra’s One Million by One Million Blog on how entrepreneurs should approach mobile app initiatives and how Lextech adds value to businesses and their processes by designing customized mobile apps.

“Our focus as an organization is to help other organizations apply technology to address challenges with business processes and to unleash what we see as billions of dollars locked away in enterprise and business workflows. We do this by applying suites of custom mobile apps, identifying how to better enable workflows for a mobile workforce, and putting them in the hands of everybody in the team so that they can be more effective at what they do – which we hope is something that is a pleasure to use, brings a smile to people’s faces, and allows them to get their job done faster and more effectively, producing great results for their companies.”

The interview is a 5 part series on Lextech and Mobility by Sramana Mitra:
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