Mobile in the Enterprise

How Airport Security Can Be Like A Good Enterprise App

September 12, 2013

  • Alex Bratton

This morning I had the pleasure of traveling through Denver International Airport (DIA). I don’t know that I’ve ever used the words pleasure and airport in the same sentence before. My great experience with their security setup had me thinking about parallels with a good enterprise app.

The key is performing a valuable function (I’m not going to argue about airport security vale here) but doing it in such a way the someone has a very smooth and enjoyable experience. DIA has a very smoothly flowing security checkpoint thanks to staffing it well (many more TSA agents than I’ve seen even at bigger airports). Even more impressive is that these people actually smiled, did their job efficiently and really tried to help travelers.

That’s exactly how a good enterprise app should be structured. It performs a valuable function but needs to be very easy to use — even proactively helpful to the user, so it’s a pleasure to use. The best enterprise apps make suggestions for the user to cut down on data entry and even help pick up related elements that might be missed if someone wasn’t thinking about it.

I can only hope that both other airports and enterprise app builders follow this model more often.

Photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport.