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Holiday iOS Tip – Using Shortcuts to Auto-Fill Common Text

December 23, 2013

  • Alex Bratton

For all those who will be sporting new iPhones or iPads after the holiday, I wanted to share a quick tip that has saved me a bunch of time.  There is a nicely hidden feature in iOS to have text like ‘abb’ automatically replaced with something much longer (like in this case my full email address).

You need to navigate in the Settings app to the General tab and then down near the bottom to ‘Keyboards’. Once on the keyboard screen you’ll see the shortcuts at the bottom.

If like me you find yourself entering your email address for access to web systems constantly, using an abbreviation really speeds up the process. No, don’t enter any of your passwords in here — that’s just a really bad idea.

One interesting bonus to this if you’re running Mavericks on your Mac — the shortcuts sync with your Mac too.