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Lextech CEO Alex Bratton’s Comments on HTML5 Hightlighted in a Telematics Update Article

January 30, 2014

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

Lextech CEO Alex Bratton’s was recently quoted in Telematics Update in “Is HTML5 the silver bullet for automotive app development?” for his comments on HTML5 and issues related to using it for an enterprise mobile app.

“Alex Bratton, CEO of app developer and consulting firm Lextech, warns that reliance on HTML5 by OEMs and automotive app developers may be a mistake of similar magnitude. “HTML5 has its uses – for example, with content look-up,” he says, adding, however, that native apps have the potential to deliver a far superior consumer experience. Another argument for native apps is, Bratton says, that the current automotive trend is not in increasing on-board apps but rather in more mobile apps that connect to the on-board system.”

Read more of the Telelematics Update article on HTML5 here.