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Lextech’s U of I EOH App Featured in PCMA’s January 2014 Convene Magazine

January 21, 2014

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

Lextech’s work with the University of Illinois 2013 Engineering Open House (EOH) mobile app was featured in the Professional Convention Management Association’s January 2014 edition of Convene Magazine. Lextech worked with students at U of I to create a companion app to the EOH event that helps visitors navigate and view information about the exhibit, while keeping alumni who couldn’t attend in touch with the goings on. Read more about Lextech’s EOH mobile app here, or view the article in Convene Magazine.

“A sense of community is central to any event, and location-based technology helps amplify this culture of comfort and trust. “When I read the reviews, I felt more connected to the rest of the people that were visiting that weekend,” Chang said of using the app at the 2013 EOH, which he attended as an alum. “I could see what people were interested in and where the crowd was headed. We wanted to make something that was high-tech and easy for people to use, and I think the app accomplished that.”

Exhibitors were also encouraged to upload video demonstrations to the app, so attendees could view them before and after the open house. “It gives the event a much longer life,” Bratton said.”