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Lextech’s Mobile App for LoadOut Technologies Highlighted in Farm Management

February 6, 2014

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

Lextech was highlighted in Farm Management’s article on “Mobile Agriculture Apps offered in 2013” in a list of other major mobile apps in the Agricultural Industry.

“This app from Lextech allows drivers to control grain loading from inside the cab, helping to streamline the process and increase driver safety. LoadOut enables drivers to view a camera positioned above the grain loader from their iPhone while in the truck. From a push of the button, they can begin – or stop – the loading process.”

To read more about Agriculture Apps offered in 2013, check out the full article here.

Lextech developed the app for Loadout as prototype that LoadOut can use to gauge market interest and conduct thorough tests before investing in a more robust version of the app. The final product is expected to have applications not only in the farming community, but in many commodity (coal, mulch, etc.) transportation environments as well. Read Lextech’s case study on the Loadout iOS App.