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Lextech’s Return on App Guarantee and Affordability Highlighted in Mobility Techzone

April 10, 2014

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

Lextech’s Return on App (ROA) Guarantee: if you let us help you reinvent your business process with mobile, we will guarantee a 100% return in 12 months or less. Our commitment to process improvement and ROA Guarantee were highlighted this week in Mobility Techzone in their article “Lextech’s New Guarantee Make Enterprise Apps More Affordable than Ever.”

We’re excited to see more traction in mobility, and we’re sure we can create amazing returns for the cost of development. In fact, most of our clients see at least $5,000 per user Return on App (ROA) investment. With suites of mobile apps working together, we’ve seen billion dollar returns. Here’s what Mobility Techzone had to say about it:

“Designing an enterprise app is a risky endeavor for any business. Depending on complexity, platform(s) and business integration needs, a company can easily spend $50,000 on an app and often three or four times as much…
Good news for cautious companies arrived this week when app developer Lextech raised the bar for enterprise developers by instituting a return on investment guarantee.”

Learn more about Lextech’s Return On App guarantee and how mobile can completely change the way you do business.

Read the full press release “Lextech Unveils Guaranteed ROI on Mobile App Development ” here.