Billion Dollar Apps

Billion Dollar Apps: Is your business communicating in real time?

July 16, 2014

  • Alex Bratton
factory worker with tablet

Business Must Occur in Real Time

To stay competitive, business must occur in real time. What happens when you don’t have the information you need at the exact moment you need it? This is a challenge that your smartphone has helped you overcome. But what about the rest of your organization?

Managers should know where service specialists (truck drivers, repairers, auditors, salespeople, etc.) are so they can make decisions on the fly. Service specialists should be able to open an immediate line of communication to support teams, including call centers, financial specialists, and account managers. Support teams should be able to report closed issues to managers. All this must be done in real time.

What Does This Look Like?

You can take the concept much, much deeper. 

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