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Case study: SKF Industrial’s app cuts key process time by 70%

July 17, 2014

  • Jessica Smith

SKF Inspection Transformed


SKF is a multinational industrial technology manufacturer that has been operating for over 100 years. The company strategizes with their customers to custom design and provide solutions across five technology platforms: bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, services, and lubrication. They have over 46,000 employees in 140 countries.


SKF had a ball bearing inspection process at the tail end of manufacturing. The factory-based inspectors recorded inspections on paper forms attached to clipboards. After a full day of inspections, they would transfer the data from paper to reporting software on their laptops or desktop computers, work that would spill over into their evenings at home.

They needed a solution that was mobile, where data could be submitted directly to their reporting software, eliminating inefficiencies.


Lextech developed an intuitive app to replace the paper-based inspection process. It integrated picture recording ability and annotation features. The app eliminated double entry by sending data directly from the app used in the factory to the reporting software.

ROA (Return on App)

The ROA is threefold. First, a 30 minute inspection now takes 9 minutes, a 70% time savings. Second, the inspection reporting process formerly took days and impacted their ability to sell products, but now they can make decisions in real time. Third, the app has eliminated the need for take home report transcription and has significantly improved the lives of employees by giving them more time with their families in the evenings.

Client Feedback

“I have many people that ask us about our app and process. We show them [how it works], and tell them, ‘You can’t not do this. You need to capture this data. It’s organized data. That’s pure power. It does all the work for you.’” said James Wood, SKF Manager and Pulp & Paper Industry Specialist.

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