Mobile in the Enterprise

How to get buy-in for mobile apps for your business

July 31, 2014

  • John McGill

The article below is a guest post by John G. McGill, Lextech VP of Business Development. He addresses the anxious concerns of change agents trying to get much needed C-suite buy-in. He gives tips for getting C-suite approval and a roadmap for the showing business value of app your company needs to develop.

Companies are anxious to get moving as enterprise mobility continues to be high on the list of priorities for change agents. For companies with large field organizations, a crucial first step is getting everyone in sync and focused on the same objectives — from the C-suite through to the end user. This can be complicated because the demands of application users often are different from the needs of executives.

A top-down/bottom-up approach can help ensure that everyone in the company is excited about the potential for mobile apps to help make the organization more efficient and profitable.

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