Mobile in the Enterprise

New Sonic Automotive process to cut buying time by 85%

July 11, 2014

  • Jessica Smith

Sonic Automotive leaders anticipate that a new car buying process, dubbed the “One Sonic-One Experience”, will take inside of 45 minutes from point of vehicle decision and will eliminate back-and-forth with a one-price, one-visit process. How will they do it?

Enterprise apps and mobility.

Mobility is the number one digital priority among large-scale enterprises, according to this 2014 study. Lextech Global Services is a proud partner of Sonic Automotive, Inc., the national car retailer, who has made mobile a top priority for the better part of a decade.

While some big enterprises are just now ramping up their mobility focus, Sonic is a forward thinking national auto retailer that already has a very active mobility program. They were even featured by Apple for their innovative program. As you’ll see, Sonic has a number of behind-the-scenes workflow apps like the Service App as well as consumer facing apps like Auto Search.

“As customers go through the car-buying process, some of their biggest concerns are trust and time,” said Heath Byrd in the Apple Profile, Executive Vice President and CFO.

The newest edition to Sonic’s innovation and customer service toolkit shows Sonic’s focus on trust and time. The One Sonic-One Experience initiative is bound to make waves in the industry, and more importantly, greatly improve the customer experience.

“It should not take two hours or three hours to buy a car. If I walk into any other retailer in this world other than [those] selling cars, I can walk in and buy a pair of shoes and leave,” said Sonic Executive Vice President of Operations Jeff Dyke in a recent interview with Automotive News. “We’re using iPad and iPhone to break down both those barriers. At most dealerships, it takes four to five hours to buy a vehicle.” With the new process, that  four or five hours will be cut down to 45 minutes. That’s an 85% cut in the process time–an incredible value to the customer. Dyke underscored the customer experience in this interview with Car Biz Today News, “It’s about offering the guest an experience they don’t get today in our industry.” (If you’re interested in reading more about Sonic’s take on the customer experience, read this article at Ward’s Auto, “Sonic Developing a New Way to Sell Cars.”)

What have your car buying experiences been like? What do you think of being in and out of a dealership in under an hour?