Billion Dollar Apps

Alex Bratton to lead mobile strategy webinar featuring exclusive methodology

August 25, 2014

  • Jessica Smith


Billion Dollar Apps Mobile Strategy Webinar

Lextech Global Services CEO, author, and chief geek Alex Bratton will be giving a free mobile strategy webinar September 9, titled “5 keys to creating an effective mobile app roadmap for your business.”

Who should attend?

C-Suite leaders for whom mobile is a high priority should attend. IT Directors and Managers who face competitive pressures should attend. Mobile evangelists and change agents should attend.

If you need clarity from fellow developers and strategists, you will find how-to and specific advice on how to get mobile project buy-in. This isn’t just another “all-about-us” webinar, a lunch hour chat that just prefaces a sales pitch. It’s a real look at mobile strategy as well as clear steps to creating a mobile app roadmap for your business.

Alex Bratton is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded 11 businesses and now leads a mobile app strategy consulting firm. He works regularly with Fortune 500 and leading mid-market organizations and his new book, Billion Dollar Apps, is a practical guide any company can use immediately to streamline their mobile projects.

On Tuesday, September 9 at 11:30 AM ET, in an exclusive conversation with TabTimes Editor David Needle, Alex will summarize the key pillars of the methodology. He will show how successful companies have implemented the Billion Dollar AppsSM process to transform their business.

In less than one hour, you will learn:

  • How to develop your app strategy with a problem-centric view
  • The importance of setting a clear mobile roadmap
  • The six steps of the Billion Dollar Apps process
  • Key conditions for a successful development and rollout

Win a copy of Billion Dollar Apps!

As a bonus and thank you, five webinar attendees will win a copy of Alex Bratton’s in-depth exploration of his mobile strategy methodology, Billion Dollar Apps: How to Find and Implement a Winning Mobile Strategy.

Registration open now

Registration and attendance is free. Go here for registration details and link. If you know someone who’d benefit from a mobile app road map for their business, share this page.