Billion Dollar Apps

Billion Dollar Apps: Happy employees are motivated and productive

August 13, 2014

  • Alex Bratton

Motivate People

How much better would your company be if people were excited to come to work every day? What about if people were consistently tuned in to their own performance metrics? This is the sort of real-time feedback the millennial generation craves and expects.
Mobility provides an opportunity to rethink how employees tune in to the enterprise. Billion Dollar Apps can be motivators in three very distinct but important ways:

Simpler workflows and devices translate to happier, more motivated people.

The very act of simplifying the lives of employees is a huge step toward a more motivated workforce. People who don’t dread coming to work every day tend to be more motivated, after all.

Investing in people motivates them.

As an employee, seeing your employer make a direct investment in tools to help you motivates you to do better. It helps instill a sense of loyalty and the feeling that managers and executives care about the people they direct.

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