Mobile Case Studies

Case study: Price quote app increases profitability for building materials supplier

August 18, 2014

  • Jessica Smith


Our client is a national leader in providing building materials and services to the commercial and residential construction industry. They have hundreds of locations throughout the United States.


This client empowers sales associates at each of its locations to discount the cost of materials and services based on the customer’s project size and need. For example, if a building contractor requests a bid (quote) for 50 windows and 10 doors, the sales associate can discount the doors by 15% in an effort to win the business as long as the total price meets the organization’s profit margin requirements.

Frequently changing market conditions made it difficult to ensure sales associates across the country had the latest pricing information while creating bids, which caused the company to lose money when an associate quoted an old price.

They needed a way to give sales up-to-the minute cost information so they could satisfy their customers with discounts, while still generating profit for the company.


Lextech designed and developed an iPad app that allows sales associates to create more accurate bids by giving them access to real time cost information as well as price projections. The app displays each product or service requested, its individual cost and profit, and the bid’s total cost and profit. Associates can adjust the profit margins in each area to give customers discounts without fear of quoting a dated price and losing money on the deal.

ROA (Return on App)

Our client expects this app to help their organization maintain a higher level of profitability, while keeping bids at each of their locations competitive.

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