Mobile Case Studies

Case study: security company pioneers crowd sourcing for home and business monitoring

August 1, 2014

  • Jessica Smith


Our client is a security systems provider that specializes in lower cost solutions for basic home and business monitoring.


Security systems are only effective if alerts result in action, either by the homeowner or local authorities. In the event an alert is triggered that does not merit attention from the authorities, what happens? It goes undetected until the owner notices the alert on his or her phone. This is a particularly troubling scenario if the owner is caught up in an activity (like travel) during which the phone is off, in airplane mode, or out of arm’s reach.


Our client designed a service that multiplies the eyes and ears protecting your property by allowing you to share camera feeds with a designated group of trusted family and friends.

Lextech developed a mobile app that acts as the hub of the security system. The app sends notifications to a specified group of people when the cameras detect movement. These notifications allow users to watch video clips from the security system and make emergency calls if necessary, turning friends and family into your very own immediate response team.

ROA (Return on App)

This app allowed the security company to expand their product offerings, generate new revenue, and improve service to existing clients.

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