Clamcase for iPad Air Rocks

August 29, 2014

  • Alex Bratton
Clam Case iPad & iPad mini

I’ve been using a Clamcase keyboard case for my iPad mini for a while and love it. I just received the newly released Clamcase for my iPad Air and couldn’t wait to use it.

Clam Case Large with iPad

The new case brings a nice keyboard to the iPad Air. I loved the keyboard in iPad Mini version of the case and the larger size makes it even easier to type away.

Clam Cases closed

When folded closed it feels very solid and really protects the screen. Yes, it does add a non-trivial amount of weight to the iPad Air.

Clam Cases empty

I’ve found the battery life on the original version to be excellent. Even leaving it turned on all the time and waking the keyboard with a key press has kept it running for long periods of time (weeks not days) before recharging.

Overall if you’re looking for a keyboard for your iPad Air (or mini) the Clamcase really delivers. My previous favorite was the Brydge, but the Clam Case has now taken the top spot. It turns the iPad Air into a great portable workstation.