AirWatch Connect 2014 proves itself a valuable event for enterprise mobility

September 16, 2014

  • Jessica Smith

Lextech’s team had a spectacular time at AirWatch Connect 2014 in Atlanta! As a previous post indicated, members of our executive, business development, engineering, and marketing teams were gearing up to attend this much anticipated event. And it did not disappoint.

The conference itself was a leading event for enterprise mobility held over three days at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. Lextech was the only sponsor representing enterprise app development and strategy, but we were joined by over 50 other partners commanding divisions of mobile app management (MAM), mobile device management (MDM), and mobile security. Also, with more than 2,000 attendees at AirWatch Connect, we had plenty of opportunities to speak with other exhibitors and conference goers. Even better, all the conversations we had were engaging.

One unique way AirWatch allowed for discussion and camaraderie was by notifying attendees of their own app available for use, establishing a community at the expo. We were able to plan events, exchange contact details and collect company information by scanning QR codes, and communicate on an internal social platform. This app allowed us to become a cohesive group and share our experiences with one another.

The speakers were all very interesting and provided great perspective on the future of AirWatch and enterprise mobility. There was also a nice balance between general and more technical presentations. Since there were a wide range of backgrounds and expertise amongst the expo’s attendees, we found AirWatch did a wonderful job taking into account everyone’s interests and business needs.

A fascinating feature arranged for the conference was an AirWatch TV display in the hotel’s lobby. Cameras captured live interviews and routed them to monitors throughout the convention halls, presentation rooms, and online. Beyond visual media, their booth provided additional chances to speak with their company representatives. Here, participants were able to learn more about the AirWatch platform, partake in one-on-one Q & A sessions, and speak candidly about things like user interface (UI).

Other highlights included two networking events held after Tuesday and Wednesday’s daily agendas: receptions at the Georgia Aquarium and College Football Hall of Fame. The venues allowed us to interact with other guests in unique settings and provided easy conversation starters. Also, there were many interesting displays to see. Going to these functions were a lot of fun!

Here’s a little bit of our trip captured:

AirWatch Connect’s entrance from stories above Hyatt Regency Atlanta’s lobby.


Conference attendees visiting various exhibitor booths.

An amazing view of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta’s interior architecture.

Goodies galore!

Lextech employees enjoying an evening at the Georgia Aquarium.

A sight to see at the College Football Hall of Fame.

Did you attend AirWatch Connect? Let us know what you thought and what some of your favorite conversations or experiences were.