Billion Dollar Apps

Billion Dollar Apps: 7 workflow issues to look for

September 30, 2014

  • Alex Bratton
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Getting closer to the process is an important part of the BDA analysis. But it’s equally important to know what you’re looking for.

For health care, customer facing apps are enterprise-grade, simplifying workflows for staff in extraordinary ways. Former PayFlex CTO Tony Dillon has a straightforward approach to this step of the BDA process. “We look at the friction in workflows,” he explains. “Where are the greatest costs? Where is the greatest friction between our customers and us? Obviously, we want to remove as much of that friction as possible.”

Tony spends his time looking at traditional points of contact with customers like interactive voice response (IVR) platforms and websites. As we saw earlier with PayFlex’s story, claims processing is one of those billion-dollar opportunities in health care.

Tony’s experience in mobility gives him a keen eye for areas of improvement.

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