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Mobilizing sales teams: the new (and critical) normal

September 30, 2014

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

Interconnected apps empower sales teams with easy-to-access sales tools and materials, right on their mobile devices.

Sales professionals are always looking for tools that can help them increase sales and improve communication with their clients. In the mobile age, we’re able to take tools that were once only present on the desktop and place them in your pocket. The era of note-taking and questionably legible handwriting has made way for video recording, sound bytes, and simple interfaces. The question is: how do you take custom tools, or even binders full of presentation materials, and make them easily accessible if you’re not using paper? How do you take down important customer information, or ensure they have take-home materials to consider with their teams while still using mobile?

The answer lies in streamlined workflows and connected groups of simple and intuitive apps. Here are a few examples from projects Lextech has done:

National Building Materials Supplier
Lextech designed and developed an iPad app that allows sales associates to create more accurate bids by giving them access to real time cost information as well as price projections. The app displays each product or service requested, its individual cost and profit, and the bid’s total cost and profit. Associates can adjust the profit margins in each area to give customers discounts without fear of quoting a dated price and losing money on the deal.

CommScope cSolutions℠
The cSolutions℠ app for iPad® arms the CommScope team with an easy-to-use, attractive tool to demonstrate and explain products to prospects. The app also serves as a reference for field service employees to look up detailed product information while performing installations at customer locations. Some app features include 360° interactive product views, rich media galleries and interior product views.

Shorr Packaging Corp.
Lextech created an app that connects to Shorr’s content database and Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. The app automatically updates with the newest content, so PDFs, images, and videos can be accessed even when the sales person is offline. The MDM ensures the marketing collateral can only be accessed by the intended user, and that if a device is lost or stolen, their proprietary product information will be remotely erased, so it won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Lextech helped these sales teams by creating easy to use apps that can be integrated into existing sales workflows. For example, the National Building Materials Supplier’s sales process involved discounting the cost of materials and services based on the customer’s project size and need:

It’s not uncommon for us to see amazing returns from clients who have taken the leap to a fully mobilized sales team.

If a building contractor requests a bid (quote) for 50 windows and 10 doors, the sales associate can discount the doors by 15% in an effort to win the business as long as the total price meets the organization’s profit margin requirements. But this required up to date sales figures that reflected current profit margin requirements! Their sales team were not able to keep up with the daily (and sometimes hourly) fluctuations in costs, and as a result, the organization was constantly loosing money.

The app Lextech mobilized their team with iPads and apps, allowing them to get up to date pricing information, and finish the purchase for the customer in the app. This effectively eliminated the need for clipboards, pricing materials, and bulky spreadsheets. Their team can now focus on building relationships, confident that their pricing schedules were correct.

Complexity doesn’t mean frustration

But what about sales teams that have vast catalogs or complex information that can’t be connected to market pricing systems? In the case of CommScope, Lextech provided them with a 3-D enabled product display, showing every facet of complex communications equipment in advance. For the smaller organization Shorr Packaging, they needed an app that could be quickly updated in a drag and drop interface. Lextech provided their teams with a mobile app that connected directly to Dropbox, ensuring that their field sales team always had the right information on their fingertips.

The returns are real

These small, interconnected apps empower sales teams with easy-to-access sales tools and materials, right on their mobile devices. Empowering teams with apps can help them improve their sales figures, customer retention rates, and even marketing reach. It’s not uncommon for us to see amazing returns from clients who have taken the leap to a fully mobilized sales team. Mobile-enablement also increases your team’s ability to communicate with each other, their management team, and their clients. This makes critical issues or important questions a integral (and easy) part of their sales cycle.

Giving your teams the apps they want on the devices they need may be the most important thing you do this quarter. So what are you waiting for? Find why we call our process “Billion Dollar Apps” now.