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The October Apple announcement: what you need to know

October 20, 2014

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

Yesterday we sat on the edges of our seats as we watched Apple’s live stream event, awaiting what we hoped would be the announcement of a new iPad. Apple did not disappoint.

The new iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner than the first iPad Air, has 10 hours of battery life, a new A8X chip that promises 40% faster performance, and an anti-reflective coating that reduces reflections by 56%.

The feature our team was the most excited about? Touch ID. This functionality has some powerful implications for our enterprise clients, as we outlined in a past post about iOS 8.

Other announcements we’re excited about

  • ApplePay launches on Monday, October 20th.
  • 94% of iOS users are running an operating system that shipped within the last year. (This definitely makes development easier!)
  • The new iPads will allow us to use Apple Pay and Touch ID to make online purchases.
  • The iWatch will ship in early 2015, and the SDK will be available in November.
  • Yosemite and the new suite of iWork apps were made available yesterday as a free upgrade.
  • iOS 8.1 will be available for download on Monday.

Thoughts from our team

“I really like the 5k iMac monitors,” said Senior UX/UI Designer Cyril Wochok. “Having more screen resolution is vital as the resolutions of the devices continue to go up so we can design for them effectively.”

Cyril also reacted positively to the announcement that all iPads (except those for Verizon) will now come with SIM cards, so you can switch to other carriers.

“I wish they would’ve made Touch ID for MacBook,” said Team Lead, Andy Close. “ I can see that being very useful for certain applications like 1Password.”

“I think they said the 5k display can play up to 6HD moves at once, which is complete unnecessary but really cool,” said Junior QA & Software Engineer Sam Biesack.

“I’m really eager to try the Handoff functionality,” said Marketing Director Adrienne Szewczyk. “The ability to work on one device and pick up where I left off on others is something I will use every day. I’m also excited they’re keeping the first generation iPad mini in the line up. The lower price point makes it accessible to a wider audience than some of the $500+ devices.”

Systems Architect, Justin Magnini was a little worried about the responsiveness of the new iMac. “Those resolutions require a lot more power, so I hope it is up to the task.”

But the best quote of the day came from Senior System Administrator, Elias Lutfallah. In response to the higher resolution iMac he said, “So what do you do when your computer screen looks better than real life?”

To which another engineer replied, “Stay inside on your computer.” I think that pretty much sums up where we’ll be as we explore the possibilities presented by these new devices.

Did any of Apple’s announcements yesterday catch your eye?