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Lextech’s Alex Bratton contributes to Crain’s Chicago Focus section

November 4, 2014

  • Jessica Smith

Alex Bratton, Lextech’s CEO and author of Billion Dollar Apps: How to Find and Implement a Winning Mobile Strategy, has built his life around providing strategic mobile insight to companies in order for them to reach maximum Return on App (ROA). So, it’s no wonder when Crain’s Chicago Business asked for his thoughts for not one but two featured articles, he was more than honored to share some wisdom.

Ask the right questions

Alex is well aware of what makes an app developer great (after all, he staffed his company with experts), and wants others to be just as apt in choosing the correct individual or team to work with. In “5 questions to ask your app developer,” he details the top questions needed to be brought up before a developer is brought on to a project. Ranging from an individual’s experience with integration to a tech firm’s forethought into a businesses’ future, Alex provides concrete reasoning as to why these particular inquiries matter.

Making the process more approachable

The Pampered Chef is known for its mobility, considering the company’s sales force usually presents its products to a customer base during a party hosted at a client’s house. Surprisingly, though, the Berkshire Hathaway-owned kitchen supplier did not have a mobile strategy in place to aid their consultants. “An app so intriguing it could be patented” recalls how Pampered Chef’s Mark Ricard, director of e-commerce, along with Lextech Global Services, was headstrong in building the right app to assist with the sales order process.

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