Billion Dollar Apps

Business Info Guide: Alex Bratton, author of Billion Dollar Apps

December 11, 2014

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

Lextech CEO Alex Bratton’s book Billion Dollar Apps: How To Find & Implement A Winning Mobile Strategy was recently highlighted on Alex also shared info about his day-to-day life and gives some business tips for his readers, including:

“I really love innovating and solving meaty problems in new ways using technology. I especially enjoy identifying inefficiencies in businesses and finding a way to fix them. For example, I worked with Blue Star Energy Solutions, an independent electricity supplier, that was conducting traditional audits using clipboards and paper. By applying technology and streamlining workflows, we developed an iPad app to eliminate the clipboard and reduce the time it takes for auditors to submit their reports by 65 percent.”

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Want to know more about Alex’s book, or Billion Dollar Apps? Check out Alex’s website here and check out his Facebook page.