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How Agile development looks at Lextech

January 29, 2015

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Many software or applications development companies today will tell you, “Sure, we do Agile development!” That’s a lot like a potential employer advertising that if offers competitive benefits. What does it really mean? How exactly is Agile used, and how does that benefit an organization looking to hire an app developer?

Who decides what the key features are? At Lextech, the client decides with the team’s collaboration. They collaborate together to determine the list based on key features, architecture, and business value. Once defined, the client and their product owner, who holds the product vision together throughout the development process, will prioritize the features list, and our development team will start work on the highest priority features first.

Focusing on key features for incremental delivery

One of the core benefits of the Lextech Agile process is the core concept of providing our clients with incremental delivery. Each application development team at Lextech strives to deliver a potentially shippable product at the conclusion of each sprint (short development cycle/iteration). At Lextech a sprint lasts two weeks. This means that every two weeks, we deliver actual working software to our clients that offers real business value. The client starts to benefit by using key features within weeks from the start of the project!

So why should incremental delivery matter?

At the conclusion of each sprint, Lextech gives a live demonstration of what the team completed. The client can then choose to have the production code delivered for immediate use. By building and delivering your mobile application incrementally, not only does your company derive immediate business value early in the development process, but the client can work with their Lextech product owner to change the priorities for further feature development as needed.

In part two of this series, we’ll explore the value of having a dedicated Lextech product owner working side by side with you throughout the mobile application development process.​