Appmasters’ Steve P. Young interviews Alex Bratton on Billion Dollar Apps

February 23, 2015

  • Jessica Smith
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Podcast fans and mobility folks, if you’re not already listening to Steve P. Young’s appmasters podcast, check it out. Young studied economics in college, but for over a decade he’s made been busy working in the digital economy as web developer, entrepreneur, and app marketing specialist. It’s the latter specialty that is the fulcrum for his successful app marketing podcast (4.5 stars on iTunes).

Recently Young interviewed Lextech CEO and chief geek Alex Bratton about the enterprise side of app development, including the Billion Dollar Apps process. In this episode of Appmasters (listen below), find out how Alex went from developing homeland security systems and missile launchers to mobile to having a time-tested process for companies to find and develop apps designed to save billions of dollars.


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