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What is the Internet of Systems?

March 30, 2015

  • Tom Caprel Tom Caprel

The IoT is more than just things

The Internet of Things isn’t just about ‘things,’ it’s about systems. All IoT technology produces meaningful data. Align that data correctly, and you have a unique system that allows you to make intelligent decisions for your business.

Below are some examples of “Internet of Systems” projects we’ve developed for our clients. These mobile-first success stories demonstrate the importance of a strategic approach to IoT in the enterprise. Learn how you can get more from your IoT initiatives.

Stanley Security


Stanley Security wanted to be able to monitor security their systems from anywhere. By converting their monitoring capabilities to mobile, they would not be constrained by desktop-based monitoring.

Lextech developed a mobile solution that let Stanley Security customers view a security dashboard from anywhere. Using a mobile device, their clients can schedule service calls, view incidents, and watch live video from their monitored facilities.  They can even retrieve video clips to visually confirm alarm incidents.

Coast Guard SeaView

Coast Guard SeaView

The Coast Guard needed the ability to monitor critical waterways using daytime and thermal night vision cameras. This system would replace human spotters using binoculars.

Lextech gave the Coast Guard the ability to monitoring rescue operations and sea conditions using remote video sources. These new remote video monitoring capabilities had immediate results for the Coast Guard.

A U.S. Military Branch

Military attack helicopters

An undisclosed military location needed the ability to detect security breaches and direct cameras to the location of the incident.

Lextech developed a security breach detection system that allowed an operator to easily manage security for a large area. The system used a tactical map display with real-time sensor alerts and remote video feeds.

Critical Energy Facility Security System

Nuclear plant at dusk

A nuclear security company needed to offer their clients a continuous video recording server to meet new nuclear energy regulations.  Success of this initiative was critical to the company’s continued growth.

Lextech delivered capabilities that integrated hundreds of cameras and sensors. Their clients gained continuous video viewing and recording that complied with the regulation and improved their ability to monitor facilities.

Why It Matters

IoT systems are often used to monitor areas with high-stakes outcomes. Because of their importance, investment in system upgrades is justified and often required by regulation. Lextech has a successful history helping organizations meet their strategic IoT needs.

  • We’ve perfected connecting mobile to complex data streams.
  • We know how to design remote access to any type of equipment.
  • We are experts at getting critical BI into the hands of users.

In short, we get information from remote systems into the hands of users who need it.

Engage with the ‘Internet of Systems’

How can you start the conversation about strategic IoT in your organization? Learn more about the basics of IoT.

If you’re ready to create a Internet of Systems strategy that is focused on your business goals, we can help.