Business Strategy

Why Mobile Apps are Mission Critical for Business

May 29, 2015

  • Jessica Smith

John McGill, Lextech VP of Business Development, recently sat down with CDW, the multinational IT solutions company, to talk about why mobile apps are mission critical for business.  They discussed many things, but the main theme focused on the fact that mobile is a mission critical business component, not just an ad hoc tool. Click to tweet black-web20-twitter-icon 25px It was a great conversation, and the resulting interview does a great job covering trends in mobile, mobile program maturity, the Agile development process, and how and why Lextech develops billion dollar apps.

Mobile is a mission critical business component, not just an ad hoc tool.

“We’re not just here to help them develop a mobile app,” McGill says in the interview “We’re here to help their businesses succeed.” It sounds like a marketing line, but it’s true because Lextech focuses not just on apps, but the right apps for businesses, ones that have a business case supported by the numbers.

Many great companies still think of mobile just as an innovation, but McGill explains how that’s just the beginning. “In many cases, companies don’t realize that a successful mobile implementation is critical to their workforce and could seriously impact the future of their entire business.” Mobile is about innovation, but it’s innovation that fundamentally improves your business by improving workflows and helping employees thrive in the workplace.

McGill gives a number of examples of the types of clients we help across industries, including Sonic Automotive, who don’t just use mobile apps, but have a mobile strategy that has changed the way they do business. Sonic has refined workflows and improved the customer experience to where the customer can enter their dealerships and drive out 45 minutes later. Click to tweet black-web20-twitter-icon 25px

Find out more about the Sonic Automotive story in the full interview.