Mobile Strategy Workshop Uncovers Big Opportunities

July 24, 2015

  • Adrienne Szewczyk Adrienne Szewczyk

“The process greatly exceeded my expectations. One of the apps reduced the time a key process took by over 60% and another by 96%! The apps identified delivered significant returns due to the strong foundation created through the process.” – Kevin Glynn, CIO

Are Apps Transforming Your Business?

Mobile strategy is a priority for CIOs. How is it that only 44% mobile leaders we surveyed break even on their mobile programs, let alone generate new revenue? To make a significant impact you need to get beyond calendars and email, and focus on process improvement.

The Solution

If you want mobile apps to make a meaningful impact on your business and users, start with the App Roadmap Workshop. It teaches your team how to identify apps that support your organizational goals, solve relevant problems, and deliver a high Return on App (ROA).

The Workshop App

The workshop is guided by an intuitive app that captures each team’s collaborative work and helps generate an App Roadmap Report that can be used to communicate a clear mobile strategy to management or other key stakeholders.

The Result

At the workshop’s conclusion, your team will have a prioritized roadmap of the top three to five apps you should focus on first, complete with success criteria and projected financial return. Also, your team will be empowered to evaluate additional opportunities with the proven process.

Workshop Structure

This interactive process brings IT and business leaders together for two full days of hands-on learning about how to select the right apps. The cost per participant is $2950. Private workshops can also be scheduled.


Introduction to why mobile strategy matters. You’ll get a better understanding of why mobile is making a big impact for business and review success stories.

The day includes ordering and prioritizing strategic goals, mapping workflows, and identifying workflow issues.


Day two focuses on how to generate app concepts. Participants will brainstorm app concepts to address issues and define what the app does, for whom, and why. They’ll also calculate the Return on App (ROA) of those app concepts, score the apps, and finish with an app roadmap.

 In the last two workshops alone, organizations have identified $228 million in savings or revenue opportunities. Wouldn’t you like to do the same?


At the workshop’s conclusion, your team will have a prioritized roadmap of the top three to five apps you should focus on first, complete with success criteria and projected return.

There are two reasons this workshop is different from other strategic app planning services.

A list of prioritized app concepts isn’t the only objective. We want you to learn the proven process for how to pick the right apps, empowering you to examine additional workflows using the app after the workshop ends and to apply the process throughout your organization.
Organizations using this process achieve returns like:

mobile strategy bullet point 300% increase in closed sales,
mobile strategy bullet point 60% time reduction for key production process, and
mobile strategy bullet point 95% time reduction for key sales workflow.

 Get Your App Roadmap

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